Help older adults and their families make informed decisions about the future.

The Roobrik Engagement Platform combines decision science, user-friendly technology and a heavy dose of compassion to quickly match care needs with senior care options.

Health and care decisions should be easier.

Navigating senior care options can be overwhelming, and many families get “stuck” trying to decide what they need, when they need it, and how to navigate conflicting emotions.

Senior care providers are frustrated as well. With more than 90% of online traffic not converting, they struggle to reach and help families before an emergency forces immediate action… or the wrong choice.

Roobrik illuminates the path ahead, helping senior care providers engage, inform, and connect sooner.

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Versatile enough to use in every marketing channel, Roobrik attracts visitors to your site and engages them once they’re there.

Average time on site increases

+9 minutes

Build Trust

Non-biased, friendly, and powered by medical decision science, Roobrik enhances your brand, instills trust and positions you as a true resource.

Qualified web leads increase



When families share their personalized results with you, sales is armed with insights that fuel better conversations and shorten the time to conversion.

Consumers opting to connect share

23+ data points

“The thing that I really like about Roobrik is it gives education… what they need to move forward.”

Erika Gennari
Director of Marketing

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