We often get asked about the makeup of the user segment that engages with Roobrik assessments. Many people are surprised to learn how many prospects are doing research for themselves. We use the term “self-assessor” to refer to these prospects, and they may make up a larger percentage of your anonymous audience than you think.
Looking at our 2021 community website referral data for our primary assessments, we find that 36% of users are self-assessors.

Communities at all levels of care see at least a portion of prospects who are researching senior living options for themselves. Here’s how it breaks down.

For independent living communities (IL), we see a 51%-49% split between self-assessors and other-assessors. Unsurprisingly, the proportion of self-assessors decreases as the level of care increases, resulting in only 12% of memory care community (MC) users being self-assessors.

While adult children and family members of prospects may represent most of your online audience, it’s important to know that older adults are browsing your website and conducting research for themselves as well. Depending on the service levels offered by your community, self-assessors will account for as many as 50% of the users who engage with a Roobrik assessment on your website. This may be useful to consider relative to your resource library and marketing messaging, as well as any calls to action your website visitors may encounter.

If you’re a current Roobrik client and want to know more about your Roobrik users, look to your monthly reports or contact our Client Success team.