Whether it’s Thanksgiving, birthdays, Hannakah or Christmas… when families get together, they often notice and discuss changes that their eldest members are experiencing. Whether it’s the older adult expressing concerns or another family member noticing changes in memory, driving, or health, we see predictable spikes in inquiries online. 

After this past Thanksgiving, we took a closer look at the data from our two top assessments. “Is it time to get help?” is our original assessment, focused on care need concerns. Our more recent addition, “Is it the right time for senior living?” shifts the focus to more social and lifestyle concerns, often useful for families that are not yet concerned with increasing care needs, but are interested in senior living and researching paths forward.

The results below are aggregated from all of our communities. Both show a marked trend in assessment completions the day after Thanksgiving Day. 



It’s too early to tell if these gatherings, in general, have a positive effect on information sharing and decision momentum (aka more and stronger leads for communities). But we like to think that rather than making decisions at a crisis point, our assessments help families evaluate and discuss options together with more confidence, clarity, and options.