I am going to skip the obligatory first few sentences recapping the past nine months. Others have been far more eloquent in characterizing all that has happened and projecting into the future. Instead I’m going to focus on a quote from NIC CEO Brian Jurutka from January 12th. Steve Moran of Senior Living Foresight asks for a prediction on what the recovery might look like. In the video at about 05:15, Brian says recovery depends on reaching consumers with the right message: “How do we ensure that the value prop of senior living is adequately communicated to potential residents and their adult children, in a way that gets folks moving back in?” 

At Roobrik we obsess about this. It has been our focus since long before the COVID pandemic. For years, we have seen that more people choose senior living when informed and empowered, and when the feeling they have in their gut is validated and de-stigmatized. Instead of the option of last resort, it becomes the option of first resort.

For Roobrik, 2019 and 2020 were about expansion. We had proven that our tools were effective, and we focused on getting them into the hands of providers investing in digital marketing to grow occupancy. This meant we focused on things like:

  • Data — making sure we could demonstrate ROI to our partners.
  • Integrations — making sure that we easily connected to CRMs and other platforms, so that sales and marketing teams didn’t have to learn another new system. 
  • Speed and simplicity — making sure that partners could launch without a headache; that we could work with their agency and internal teams to make it as easy as possible.

2021 is about new investment to make senior living the option of first resort for millions of consumers. We are setting our bar not on recovery to the status quo, but to expansion beyond. Why are we so confident in this? Because we see consistent evidence that more people will choose senior living if they are informed and empowered. On average our clients generate 30% more leads from their existing traffic and these leads move in at up to TWO TIMES the rate of their other web leads. Apply that math to pre-pandemic growth trends, and we see the industry expanding to meet latent demand.

So what are we building for our partners now? Here’s a quick preview:

  • New assessments for active adult/55+ communities, a growing segment that introduces older adults to the benefits of community living and concierge services.
  • A new assessment for Memory Care, designed for family members who have more experience dealing with care and want to understand how these communities work.
  • Simple, turnkey options for nurturing prospects, focused more on decision making and less on marketing (building trust in the same way that our assessments do).
  • Optimization of our current assessments. We are making adjustments, small and large, so that more prospects who use Roobrik decide to become Sales Qualified Leads.

Like all things Roobrik, these new tools only work if they include the wisdom of our partners, the experiences of residents and families, and the expertise of clinicians and scientists whose research informs our approach. We are talking with many of you already, but please send me a note at nate@roobrik.webrealsimple.com if you’d like to be involved.

With gratitude and optimism,

Nate O’Keefe / CEO