Meet Dana Compagnone — our first Head of Client Success at Roobrik. To meet the needs of our growing client base and take that support to the next level, we knew we needed to recruit a real unicorn — someone who has deep knowledge of digital marketing, experience building top tier client success programs, AND an established track record in senior living, working with both small providers and enterprise clients. A tall order, but one we’re thrilled we filled. Read on to learn more about Dana, in her own words.

“I’ve spent the last 20 years building my career as a marketing communications leader in the senior living industry. In that time, there are three things I became known for: being a catalyst for performance improvement, bringing innovative solutions to client needs, and driving change within a growing company. 

When considering this next chapter in my career, I had a strong desire to stay in the senior living industry that I loved. And, I knew my next role had to be for a company that cared deeply about the end-user. I have a passion for process improvement and leading teams who deliver vibrant wins for clients. So when I learned that Roobrik needed someone who could build a Client Success group, I knew this opportunity would be a win-win

I subscribe to John Foley’s #gladtobehere mindset of building a work culture of high performance – where teams are simultaneously aware, focused, and grateful for challenges ahead. Philosophies of respect, humility, openness, accountability, and gratitude are the best way to avoid getting in your own way while delivering positive results for client communities. While I’ve only been at Roobrik for a short time, I’ve experienced a work culture that matches this mindset. 

What I noticed right from the start is that Roobrik has a collective consciousness, a tangible chemistry, and a high-quality product that helps senior consumers and their families through a highly complex and emotional decision. The Roobrik assessment benefits sales teams by uncovering motivators earlier in the buyers’ journey to drive results. Plus, the Roobrik team is fun to work with – which is important as clients can typically feel internal enthusiasm.   

Ultimately, Client Success begins with understanding what clients want – consistent execution, solid ideas, innovative solutions, and shared knowledge from our lens in the senior living industry. For client communities, I want to provide results against occupancy objectives that are driven by people who understand and care deeply about their business.”

Contact Dana if you need a partner advocate who can deliver effective marketing technology solutions that drive results to your organization and help you stand out against your competition.