Eight years ago this month, our son was born a 26-week preemie. Our fortunes have been beyond great, and he’s a thriving (wild!) 8 year old today. But as my wife and I struggled with big decisions leading up to his birth, there were lots of questions and few clear answers

When the stakes are high and we don’t know which path is the best one for us and our families, we ALL need help navigating uncertainty.

The internet has not always been a great place to get that help. Too much misinformation, too many dead ends and horror stories. But mostly it’s so hard to see ourselves in what we read on the internet. It’s hard to see our mom, our dad, even ourselves in the articles we find. Because what we’re going through is unique and colored by our deepest, longest relationships. The stakes feel insurmountable. Rather than make the wrong choice sooner, we wait until a crisis — an accident, a fall, or a diagnosis — compels that change. And we wonder what would’ve happened if we’d gotten help and support earlier.

Enter Roobrik

At Roobrik, our team of technologists and clinicians is dedicated to fixing this problem, to reaching families sooner, and to helping them connect to the support they need. The Roobrik Engagement Platform catches families in these moments of uncertainty and helps them move forward with purpose and confidence. It’s taken time (6 years), the expertise of decision scientists around the country, and the hard work of our team and partners, to get it right. But now we’ve learned a few things and are excited to share them with you here in the coming weeks and months in our newsletter, Unstuck, and here on our blog.

We are humbled that more than 250 senior living community sales teams, as well as great organizations like AARP and UsAgainstAlzheimer’s trust Roobrik to start the conversation for families who are on the fence. We look forward to meeting more of you who share the same challenges, and seeing if there’s a fit for Roobrik.