Sales and marketing during a public health crisis of this magnitude is uncharted territory. We know many of our clients in senior living are struggling to balance business as usual with deep uncertainty about how older adults and families are going to perceive the industry over the coming weeks and months. Will there be a fear response that slows sales activity? Or, will families recognize that senior living communities are set up to handle infectious diseases and safely provide care during a crisis? 

These questions become more acute when tactics become limited. If a prospect is unable or unwilling to come in for a tour, how can you continue to demonstrate your unique value? We took a closer look at how communities are handling this, and here are a few things we spotted. 

And, for Roobrik clients, you can be proactive about emailing or texting prospects in your sales funnel who are still trying to decide if it’s time to make a change. Offering a Roobrik assessment can keep you top of mind, with a process that reinforces your readiness to help, on their terms.

Because all Roobrik clients have unlimited access to our assessment tools, you can feel free to share it with families inquiring about your community to help them explore their situation virtually. 

See below for a sample email and text message. If you’re a current client and you’d like to do something like this, contact Leanna to get custom Roobrik links. If you’re not a current client, please feel free to reach out to Evan to learn more about how we can help you.


Sample Email

Subject: While you wait to take a tour, why not take this assessment?

Dear <NAME>

As always, we here at <COMMUNITY NAME> are focused on keeping our residents healthy and safe. And as you know, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we’re discouraging any outside visitors. 

But we also know that there are families like yours looking for guidance as they navigate senior living decisions. So, in addition to taking a look at our website and chatting with our representatives, we thought that you and your family would appreciate an opportunity to take our Senior Living Assessment

In just four minutes or less, you’ll get a personalized report that can help you take the next steps with confidence. This assessment was created by our friends at Roobrik — decision science experts that have carefully created this tool to help people just like you.

Take the assessment, and  if you have any questions or concerns at all, drop us a line or give us a call.

Sample Text

Hi <NAME>! Since it’s going to be difficult to schedule a time to come visit, here’s a link to a quick 4-minute assessment to help you think about your options: LINK.