So, what was Roobrik doing speaking at the Society for Actuaries Insur-Tech Conference in San Jose last month? Funny you should ask.

You may not have known this, but in addition to our work with senior living and home care providers, we support other organizations that have a critical need to engage and activate older adults and family caregivers — including long-term care insurance providers. 

The challenges facing the LTC industry are myriad:

  • How do we evolve our products to accommodate longer lifespans and rising care costs?
  • How can technology and early intervention reduce the cost of care?
  • How do we engage current policyholders when we don’t have routine communication?
  • How do we reach families who could benefit from our products?
  • How do we communicate our value prop years before benefits are needed?

As in senior care, many of these challenges are in the Roobrik sweet spot, requiring interventions that meet families where they are, with the right experiences in the channels in which they interact. For example, if someone is not Googling “long-term care insurance,” what sentinel issues are they searching for? Driving safety? Retirement planning? Downsizing? Essentially, we’ve been thinking through the concerns they may address first, before they can consider the products and services they may need.

Back to San Jose

The conference was really helpful to us, validating the actuarial reputation for thoughtful attention to critical details, while defying stereotypes often applied to numbers folks. This group is going deep into the human stories behind the data, the lived experiences of those planning for care and those living with it. For our panel, Empowering the Family Caregiver, on my right was Julia Spears from Elder Stay at Home, a hands-on training and education program for both family and professional caregivers. On my left was Ali Ahmadi from TCARE, one of the first scalable programs to qualitatively assess and intervene to prevent caregiver burnout. 

All in all — and this is no surprise to anyone reading this — a lot of smart folks are working to improve technology, policy, health, and societal norms and narratives in both small and radical ways. Team Roobrik is excited to be a growing part of the puzzle.