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Retirement communities, independent living, assisted care and memory care — Roobrik helps the full spectrum of senior living communities connect with families.

“Roobrik offers a thoughtful lens through which people can look at their own situation and make a good decision.”

Ted Doyle, the Vice President of Marketing for LCB Senior Living, describes how Roobrik online assessments help bring a personal touch to digital marketing.

“When a lead comes to us from Roobrik, we get so much information that it’s easy to see what the most important aspects of that person’s situation are. ”

Jamie Donile, the senior Family Advisor at Belmont Village Senior Living, shares the measurable results they've seen since including Roobrik online assessments on their websites.

“The thing that I really like about Roobrik is it gives education… what they need to move forward.”

Erika Gennari, the Director of Marketing for Commonwealth Senior Living describes how Roobrik online assessments have helped them engage web visitors and add substantial value and education.

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