We’re excited to announce that ActiveDEMAND now integrates directly with the Roobrik Engagement Platform, helping to ensure that our mutual clients have immediate access to critical marketing qualified leads. As one of the premier marketing automation platforms, ActiveDEMAND works with senior living communities across the country to optimize their marketing efforts.

When consumers opt to share their Roobrik assessment results with a community that relies on ActiveDEMAND, all 23 Roobrik data points are automatically integrated into the user journey, enabling detailed segmentation and targeting. This provides sales teams with immediate access to insights that can personalize outreach and programmatic triggers for appropriate future marketing tactics.

And of course, integration helps ensure that leads and move-ins are correctly attributed and tracked so that every campaign and tactic is measured against goals.

About ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform built for businesses to help them easily create, execute, and track marketing engagement of their campaigns. Providing powerful features such as webinar integration, advanced appointment scheduling, and personalization tools, it is built and priced for businesses to effectively market and grow their business.